Dealing with Rejection

Yesterday, I was rejected an invite from a PUG group. This is something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

I saw a trade spam requesting dps roles for Conclave of Winds and I whispered the dude on my Warlock alt requesting an invite saying I knew the fight. After I was invited, he requested a DPS check at the training dummies in Stormwind. Of course I obliged and I actually fancied this requirement check rather than a gear check.

During the check, my performance on the training dummies was not the best. I typically have no problem surpassing10k and can top out at 12k-13k, but during the check I was hovering around 9.5k.

After a minute or two, I was kicked from the group without a word from the raid leader. I asked what his DPS requirement was and he said 11k.

On the inside, I was livid.
My ego was screaming things to reply:
• “I know I can hit that number easily and had just been unlucky with RNG give me another shot.”
• “I’ll be willing to lay 50k gold on the line that I won’t be the lowest dps in this raid.”
• “The 11k requirement is pretty steep for the first boss of conclave.”
• “Don’t you know how affliction dps works? I get a huge spike in damage in the last 25% of the fight which can’t be demonstrated on a training dummy you idiot!”

However, I haven’t spent the time in game to get the auto-invites that I’m used to. I only have 1 reputation epic on my warlock from running heroics when I could have 3-4 more which would push me over 11k mark easily. I also can’t blame the raid leader for having steep requirements for a PUG group. The only person I had to blame was myself for not meeting the requirement so I replied “Fair enough”.

I saw he was still in need of a healer so I hopped over to my main toon Pixelated. I figured I’d settle for healing it and whispered him again requesting an invite. I got a prompt invite, but a minute later he said “I’m sorry I have to drop you for a resto druid for a better raid composition”. To make matters worse the druid was an ex guildy who had recently left from not being included in our downsizing to 10 man.

Regretfully, I caved to my ego.

Me - “Do you know who I am?”
Him – “Are you that good?”
Me – “No, it’s not that. I am good.” “I’m the GM of Jubilance; we’re 9/12” (As if somehow being the GM of a progressed guild gives you the privilege of a raid invite.)
Me – “Listen take the other healer, she’s a good healer, she used to be a guildy of mine” (Playing it off as if it was now my decision instead of his)
Him – “Listen I’m really sorry man. What’s your Warlock’s name again? I’ll make sure to bring you next time.” (There were people in the group that knew me that were giving him grief).
Me – “Listen I commend you for having strict for requirements for a PUG, it helps ensure success”.

I know that not only was I more than qualified to be in this raid, but more qualified to lead the raid too. I’m upset that this clearly wasn’t enough for me but that I somehow I wanted to get it into his head too.

My final thoughts are that I’m clearly emotionally attached to my toons. I want to and am making steps towards detaching myself from them (I would have reacted much differently 6 months ago). I would much rather be a well known influential figure in the real world than a well known influential figure in the game. I still love the game too much to let it go.

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