With great power comes great responsibility.

A lot has happened in the last week.  I no longer am GM of Jubilance.  I feel relieved and sad at the same time.  I want my responsibility in online games to be limited at most in the future.  I like being a part of a community when it comes to gaming, but I don't want to provide it direction.  I'd rather save my responsibilities for the real world.

I am now a member of a Starcraft II clan Relentless Heroes.  They have very strong players that I can learn a lot from, but unfortunately I have been scared off by the immaturity of their ventrilo conversations.  However, their forum community is very educational and I am hoping that I can use that to my advantage.  A lot of them sport super cool artsy signatures and it inspired me to create my own :

The title of the artwork is "Guardian".  I browsed through science fiction art online and liked this one a lot.  They say your signature says a lot about your personality and how you relate to others.    I remember practicing writing my signature as a kid because I wanted it to look cool.  I suppose I see myself as a guardian.

 Coincidentally, I picked up Rift today and learned that the two opposing factions in the game are "Guardians" and "Defiants".  The funny thing is, I told a friend in WoW today that I was tired of being the good faction and was probably going to choose to play as a "Defiant".  Oh well.

I picked up the game 5 hours ago and I can't believe I haven't started playing it yet!  There's no way this game is going to be the "WoW killer", but I need something fresh and new right now.

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